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We make soap

Okay there are a lot of websites out there that make soap and even more that sell it. What makes us different? Do we use finest oils and materials. Of course we do, but so do 200 or more other sites. What makes us different? We customize your soap order to you. We will customize your soap order to your special occasion. We have over 60 varieties of soap to choose from. But the gift of soap is more than the bar. We offer a plethora of shapes and sizes to choose from. Then we package each order to fit your needs. Are you giving the gift of soap as a simple gesture of purity and cleanliness? Or are you giving it away as a baby shower gift?(pardon the pun) No matter what the reason, we will customize your order to fit your needs.

Our handmade glycerin soaps are made from translucent, vegetable base glycerin, a natural product of traditional soap making. It is gentle to your skin, lathers well and is visually appealing. We are offering these soaps in our most popular designs and fragrances. Since our glycerin soaps hold their fragrances so long and are so beautiful, you can purchase multiple slices and proudly display them on your guest bath vanity until needed. Do not display in direct sunlight as natural colors may fade.

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